about soblu inc.

Soblu Inc. is a privately funded content and marketing firm founded by sisters, Lindsey Christian and Erica Chamblee, in August 2005 with the purpose of bringing an original and sophisticated eye to the diverse world of creative content and marketing. From films and music, to website design and online marketing – we are committed to bringing content with a unique, fresh perspective, to multi-generational, global audiences. In 2009, Soblu released its debut feature-length film, Jazz in the Diamond District, and following the theatrical release of Jazz in the Diamond District, Soblu expanded further into content-creation and marketing, adding an office in Atlanta and partnering with strategic clients in need of online marketing and branding services. By leveraging our technical expertise with our experience in the entertainment and creative arts industries, Soblu truly provides innovative marketing solutions for companies wishing leverage the power of online marketing and strategic partnerships to engage consumers in fresh and creative ways.

Why Soblu?

We understand the importance of using branding, marketing, creative design and web initiatives to connect with audiences in the most genuine and organic way. Our focus is on using our skill set to enhance the rapport between the uniquely original brands we serve and their core audience.

Our Clients

Our clients typically require a unique blend of branding solutions, online marketing and web development/ graphic design services. By creating innovative marketing strategies based around our core services, we connect consumers to the vast multi-generational consumer base accessible via the Internet.

Our Location

Los Angeles, CA
 (323) 536-2521