Why Your Agency Needs Both a Capabilities Deck and a Website

In today’s fast-paced marketing world, agencies are constantly searching for ways to stand out. Two essential tools in their toolbox are a capabilities deck and a website. But what are the differences between the two, and why is having a capabilities deck crucial for every agency?

✅  What’s a Capabilities Deck?

This is the starting point when clients want to learn more about you.

While your agency website acts as a 24/7 online hub, offering detailed information from your history and team to your portfolio and client testimonials, your capabilities deck — often termed a “pitch deck” — zeroes in on your agency’s expertise, services, success stories, and value proposition.

It directly answers: why should a potential client choose you?

Think of it as a visual resume for your agency. It’s primarily used during client pitches and aims to provide a snapshot of what your agency can offer.

✅  Capabilities Deck vs. Website: Key Differences

While there’s overlap in the information on your website and in your capabilities deck, some key differences include:


  • A capabilities deck is specific and used for custom client pitches.
  • Your website serves a broader function, catering to anyone wanting to learn about the agency online.

So while both aim to promote your agency, the deck is for potential clients you’re talking to right now. Websites are for everyone, including people just finding out about you or people that aren’t potential clients.


  • Capabilities decks are concise, focusing on your agency’s core strengths and successes.
  • Websites offer comprehensive info, from blogs and news to detailed case studies and hiring info.


  • A capabilities deck is mainly for potential clients during pitches or meetings.
  • A website caters to a broader audience, including potential clients, job seekers, press, and more.

  Why Every Agency Needs a Capabilities Deck

It goes without saying that every agency (and business in general) needs a website. But why is a capabilities deck also vital?

Every agency needs a website. But why is a capabilities deck also vital?

Tailored Pitching

  • Unlike a website, a capabilities deck can be easily customized to specific clients or industries, making your pitch more relevant and impactful. So if you want to highlight specific case studies or add additional pages to address the specific needs of a potential client, you can customize your capabilities deck just for them.

Instant Credibility

  • A polished capabilities deck showcases your agency’s professionalism and expertise in a digestible format. While your website also speaks to your agency standards, the quality of your capabilities deck gives clients even more reassurance that you value quality in all of the work that you do and materials that you create.


  • In face-to-face or virtual meetings, having a visual presentation like a capabilities deck is more engaging than just directing clients to a website.

Offline Use

  • A deck can be presented even without internet access, ensuring you’re always ready to showcase your agency’s strengths, whether it’s in an elevator or a remote location.


  • Potential clients are often short on time and want to get a sense of your agency’s expertise quickly. It’s much quicker for them to flip through a deck than to navigate an entire website.

Simple Follow-Up

  • After a pitch, clients might want a brief to refer back to. Giving them a capabilities deck is an easy reference that reinforces your main selling points and keeping your agency top-of-mind.

Every agency that wants to grow should invest in creating a compelling capabilities deck to complement their website. It’s a must-have tool for starting and developing client relationships and having one can be the difference between winning a client or watching them choose a competitor.