is your capabilities deck costing you clients?

Agencies Turn to Us for 🔥 Capabilities Decks that Close Deals Faster

With our Capabilities Deck ReCraft™, we transform your agency’s strengths into a powerful, beautifully-designed deck, making it clear to your prospective clients why they should hire you.

Get It Fast.

We understand the urgency and we have a streamlined design process with fast turnaround times so you can start sharing your deck asap.

Pitch With Confidence.

Get excited to hit "send" with a deck that answers, "What's in it for your clients?" ensuring each slide showcases your agency as the solution to their needs.

Close More Clients.

Your pitch can be the difference between "yes" and "no." Your dream clients want to work with you. Let your deck that show them why they should.

the capabilities deck recraft™
Your Capabilities Deck… Reimagined. Redesigned. ReCrafted.
You’ve mastered your services and are ready to win over clients, but does your capabilities deck scream ‘mediocre’? Our Capabilities Deck ReCraft packages your agency expertise into a compelling, standout capabilities deck so your potential clients quickly see why you’re the best choice.
  • Deck Transformation: Beyond a mere redesign, we adjust the copy, content and structure of your deck to spotlight what sets your agency apart.
  • Fast and Efficient Process: One kickoff call. Share your current deck and brand assets, and we handle the rest. No unnecessary calls, huge time sucks, or tedious back-and-forth.
  • Peace of Mind with Unlimited Revisions: We’re on it till you deem it perfect. We tweak and refine, ensuring your deck is 100% spot-on. You have a full week of unlimited revisions.
  • Proven Frameworks That Ensure Success: Our decks aren’t just pretty—they’re purposeful. Rooted in proven systems, we guarantee each slide engages and convinces your prospective client every step of the way.
  • Predictable Pricing: Say goodbye to uncertain designer costs. We offer one transparent, flat fee.
  • Full Ownership: Once finished, all files and fonts are yours, ensuring you can make easy edits whenever you need to.
There’s no better time to invest in a 🔥 new capabilities deck that can power the growth of your agency well into the future. Whether you’re a new agency or a seasoned firm, each day without a winning capabilities deck is a missed opportunity.
first draft delivered 1 week AFTER KICKOFF CALL
plus a full week of unlimited revisions
final files can be delivered in keynote, powerpoint, google slides, canva or


A Capabilities Deck ReCraft™ is a complete redesign of your agency’s capabilities deck. We revamp both its visual appeal and content structure to make your pitch more compelling to potential clients.

It’s designed for marketing agencies aiming to elevate their pitching process, increase their close rates, and stand out in their pitches.


Once you click “Book a ReCraft” and complete your payment, you’ll be directed to schedule your kickoff call. We’ll then send over a straightforward questionnaire, guiding you on how to share your current deck and vital assets. After our kickoff chat, we’ll dive straight into the design process!



We deliver your redesigned deck two weeks from the kickoff call. You will then have one week of unlimited revisions.


No worries! We offer unlimited revisions for one week. We’re committed to ensuring you’re 100% satisfied with the end result.


You’ll receive the fully redesigned capabilities deck, all working files, and fonts. This ensures you can make any edits in the future without any issues.


Our service doesn’t just focus on design aesthetics. We build decks using proven systems and frameworks that consistently deliver results. Plus, our pricing is predictable, so you won’t face fluctuating costs.


We emphasize understanding your unique value proposition, combining your content with client results, and tailoring the design to what your prospects want to see. This means a deck that authentically resonates with your prospects and clearly shows them why they should work with you.


Once your deck is ready, we’ll share it with you via This allows you and your team to seamlessly give us any feedback or revisions. Once finalized, we’ll send over a simple link with all the final files.


Yep! We provide all working files and fonts to ensure that any future edits or updates you wish to make are effortless.


No worries! While having a starting point is helpful, our team can collaborate with you to build a capabilities deck from scratch.


Let’s chat! You can book a call with our team here.

  potential clients don’t pay the bills – booked clients do...  

why us?
Our focus is helping you land clients.
Not just creating pretty slides.

Each day without a winning capabilities deck is another missed opportunity. We create revenue for the brands we work with by focusing on what matters most — winning new clients.

We specialize in stunning designs with powerful imagery that draw in your prospects and take your pitch to the next level.

The faster we complete the job, the more time you can spend pitching new clients. Our average turnaround time to complete a deck is two weeks.

With our streamlined workflow, you can expect a hassle-free experience, minimal calls and unlimited revisions. Your satisfaction is our final deliverable.

🤝 More Clients.

And not just any clients… those agency-changing top-tier clients you’ve dreamed of working with.

💸 More Revenue.

With a deck that gives you the confidence to pitch better clients, charge more, and get consistent results.

📈 More Success.

Because you made an investment that will power your agency’s growth well into the future.

Past Clients.

who we've worked with

  Don’t let A MEDIOCRE capabilities deck COST your agency...  

Lost Opportunities.

Every time you present a subpar deck, you might miss out on winning deals with new clients. These lost opportunities aren’t just about the immediate contract but potentially years of collaboration and referrals.

Bad-Fit Clients.

Mismatched clients often lead to longer project durations and potential dissatisfaction on both sides. This drains your agency resources and morale and diverts your attention from clients who truly align with your strengths and vision.

A Damaged Reputation.

Your deck is a reflection of your standards. A mediocre deck can unintentionally convey that you accept mediocrity across your agency. If your brand materials aren’t high quality, how can clients trust you to do high quality work for them?

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I’m a creative director, brand strategist, and graphic designer. I’ve designed pitch decks for some of the biggest brands and celebrities in the world, and in 2020, I took my 15-year background in design and brand strategy to launch Soblu.

I’m a huge advocate for entrepreneurship and building a business that complements the life you want to live. I believe agency owners are championing that calling. That was my main motivation for focusing exclusively on creating capabilities decks and helping fellow agency owners hone in on their unique value so they can grow their clientele and build a thriving business.

And now, with a small team of LA-based designers, we are doing just that. Elevating agencies one deck at a time.