Common Capabilities Deck Mistakes to Avoid

Your capabilities deck is more than a set of slides—it’s a crucial tool for agency growth. Designed correctly, it becomes an ally, paving the way to new client relationships and opportunities. But if it’s missing key elements, it can be costly for your growth.

Steer clear of these common capabilities deck pitfalls and position your agency to leave a lasting impression on potential clients.

❌  Missing Work Examples and Client Results

It’s crucial to show not just what you’ve done, but how well you’ve done it.

That’s why showcasing past work through project recaps, portfolio samples, or case studies is essential.

This demonstrates your capability and success in tangible terms.

Including success metrics allows you to present quantifiable results from past projects. Whether it’s an increase in customer engagement, higher sales figures, or improved conversion rates, these statistics prove the effectiveness of your work and help clients understand the tangible benefits of partnering with your agency.

Have a selection of work examples that you can swap in and out based on the client you are pitching. Clients want to see the work and results that speak to them and your capabilities deck is a great way to tailor your pitch to each individual prospect.

⚡️ Pro-Tip: Instead of clustering all examples of past work in one section, consider distributing them evenly throughout your deck. Introduce potential clients to your successful services early on and continue to reinforce your expertise as they progress through the presentation. This approach keeps your accomplishments front and center from start to finish.

❌  Missing Testimonials  

Testimonials build trust. 

Failing to include them is a missed opportunity to establish credibility.

Collect and feature enough testimonials to highlight your agency’s reliability.

⚡️ Pro-Tip: Including client testimonials on the corresponding project pages is a great way to give your work examples, client projects and case studies more credibility and a human touch.

❌  Missing a Logo Quilt

A ‘logo quilt’ or a collection of past and current client logos, serves as a visual testament to the breadth of your experience and the trust other companies have placed in your services.

This powerful page provides instant brand recognition and builds credibility, allowing prospects to quickly assess your agency’s experience level.

❌  Skipping the Call-to-Action

What’s the next step for your clients? Don’t leave them hanging.

End with a strong call-to-action that guides them on where to go or what to do next.

Examples include:

  • Book a Call via Scheduling Link
  • Fill Out a Form
  • Purchase via a “Buy Now” Link


Remember, winning over clients in pitches is crucial to the success of your agency.

With the above, you can craft a more compelling narrative about your agency’s track record. This strategy transforms your pitch from a mere presentation into a compelling story of proven success, tailored to speak directly to each prospect’s aspirations and challenges.

Don’t let these common mistakes hold you back from landing your dream clients!