Simplify Capabilities Deck Updates with Playbook

When it comes to creating or updating your Capabilities Deck, you need all your best photos and videos at your fingertips so you can include your best content. Enter our new favorite tool: Playbook 🔥

It allows you to organize, share, and showcase all the amazing work your agency is creating. Gone are the days of sifting through endless files in Google Drive or Dropbox.

Playbook is like having your very own, easily searchable, digital gallery.

Tech Crunch called it “Pinterest meets Dropbox” and that’s 100% accurate.

And when you’re trying to curate the best selection of work to add to your Capabilities Deck, being able to see all of your assets in one place is huge.

Some of the other great features include:

▫️ Multiple Views: Gallery, Folder, Filtered, Kanban and Timeline

▫️ Seamless Sharing: Sharing high-resolution files with clients or team members is as easy as a click.

▫️ Zero Duplication: Auto-deduplication keeps your library clean and free of duplicate images/videos

It’s best to catalog assets as a project is happening or right when a project ends so that everything is top of mind and you don’t have to try and remember what you worked on for a given project or client. And since Playbook is a collaboration tool, it makes sense to do real-time cataloging. That means at the end of the project, everything is already stored and organized. One less thing you have to do when closing out a client project.

But if you’re missing crucial photos or videos from a past project, you can easily create a personalized file drop-off page that you can share with your client so they can upload the missing assets. Playbook streamlines keeping your assets sorted so when you’re ready for your next capabilities deck update, you don’t have to go searching through folders, downloading a million assets just to see what you’re working with.

There are tons of other helpful features, especially if you do creative work and need to collaborate with teams and clients on design files.

But even just as a hub for your agency creative, consider integrating Playbook into your workflow. It’s been a game changer for us and I recommend it to all our clients.