Boost Your Online Presence with a Capabilities Deck

While your agency’s website is the cornerstone of your online presence, continuously updating it with your latest projects and accomplishments can be quite challenging. This is where a well-crafted capabilities deck can help.

Not only does it serve as an easy-to-update portfolio of your recent work, but it also fills in the gaps when your website isn’t up-to-date.

Here are three ways your Capabilities Deck can enhance your online presence:

🔵  Analytics Tracking

One of the most powerful features of a digital capabilities deck is the ability to track analytics. By looking at how prospects interact with your deck, you can gather valuable data on which slides, projects, or sections capture their attention the most.

This insight allows you to refine your deck over time, focusing on the content that resonates with your audience, thus making your pitches more effective and targeted.

You can also use these insights to make decisions about what to highlight on your website and in your marketing materials.

🔵  Under Construction Website Stand-In

If your website is being updated or completely redesigned, instead of having a typical “under construction” page, your Capabilities Deck can step in as an interim site.

You can easily redirect your agency domain to your deck so that potential clients are still able to see a professional and prepared front even when your main digital hub is under construction.

🔵  Easy Explainer Video

Modern capabilities decks, especially on platforms like, can easily be turned into explainer videos for potential clients. Features like recording commentary over slides and embedding videos allow you to guide viewers through your pitch asynchronously.

This approach adds a personal touch, similar to a one-on-one presentation, and is particularly useful for explaining complex services or processes.

A well-maintained website is essential, but it might not always showcase your latest work or the entire scope of your capabilities. Your Capabilities Deck effectively bridges this gap.

More than just a static document, it’s a dynamic, versatile tool in your digital arsenal, designed for easy sharing. This ensures that your potential clients always have real-time access to your most recent projects until your website is updated.